Hands & Feet

Whether it’s for a job interview, night out, special occasion or ”just because!” our hands are always on display and get used far more than we dare to imagine. This is why it’s so important to look after them and keep those first impressions high. We have a range of hand and foot treatments to suit all your needs and budgets.​

Longer lasting gel polish base coat that prolongs wear and provides extra strength to the nails. This is our most popular service for the hands.

On hands €35

Add removals for an additional €5

Add nail art 2-4 nails for an extra €5

Add art 5 – 10 nails for an extra €10 

Cuticle oils available for €6

Enhance your nail length with extensions. Please choose the correct length. Short/medium nails are the most popular and usually 1cm or less from the side of the nails free edge (not the middle center) for most clients. Long nails would be any length over.

For prices please see our online booking system by clicking the BOOK button on the home page or download the Fresha App. 

Mini Manicure with regular polish or none €25
– Includes nail and cuticle work, nail shine or regular polish.

Luxury Manicure €50
– Hand soak, scrub, file, buff, cuticle work, cuticle oil, Spa hand & arm massage, heated mittens, nail cleanse and polish.

-Add removals €5

CALLUSPEELING® is a delicate and pleasant treatment, which gives a new shine and an extraordinary softness to the feet. Using high actives and acids hard, cracked and calloused skin is removed without the use of blades or drills quickly and easily. Treatment includes nail and cuticle work.

€45 (no polish)

€50 (gel polish or regular polish)